Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grey Storm Clouds and Rainbows

Yesterday was a mixture of  clouds and sunshine.  When I went out to the garden it was hard to know where to begin. This single lemon lily flower was in an area that needed some serious help. I started there.  The sweet fragrance of this one flower enveloped the area where I worked.

I was so sure that this lavender plant was dead, but when the surrounding weeds were gone and the mushy dead plant material was removed, the plant has new growth.  It look likes it will make a  miraculous come back.

After being away for the morning, Ed joined me in the garden.  Later he was carefully weeding around the snow peas.  Only a few plants came up and we wanted to save those.  The decision was made to leave the pea plants and to plant bush beans in the large gaps.  When Ed walked through the stone square on his way to dumping his bucket of weeds,  he noticed his Salmon Star lily was quivering.  It was when he took a closer look that he saw it.   That *#$% grey rodent was chewing off his beautiful lily plant right before his eyes.  Talk about the gathering storm.  Ed is furious, it's definitely war!

In the evening dark grey clouds gathered.  This was not the most perfect double rainbow I have ever seen, but it stayed for a very long time.  The sky to our west was clear of rain clouds but filled with bright low sun light.  Rain was falling to our east and it gradually worked its way back to us.

I had time to take several rainbow pictures.  This one is my favorite!

 It gave me time to notice the dark above the rainbow and the light below.

At the end of the day it's the beautiful rainbows we will likely remember.  However, at least one grey cloud still hangs over the garden.  Rainbow or not that furry grey critter is in for a stormy time. You can count on that!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures, they are always so great. Beautiful rainbows. I am confident that Ed will win the war. I have been waging a war on my chipmunk population. I may have won a battle, the war is still in question.

DeVona said...

Wow! Gorgeous rainbows! Good luck on the battles ahead-

Sunita said...

That double rainbow is so beautiful, Becky! I've never seen one before.
Ohhh... I hope that your lily is okay now and no more pest troubles?

Sunita said...

Oh wow! This is the first time in a long time that I could post a comment here, Becky. I used to keep getting an 'Internal error' message. Maybe its because I'm on Google Chrome now and the earlier ones were on IE?