Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, and a Mummy

I dry herbs for tea so we can enjoy them in the winter, but I really miss herb tea made from fresh green plants. One of my favorite herbal blends is a triple lemon tea.  It consists of lemon balm, lemon grass, and lemon verbena.  I don't have lemon balm growing in the house, but today I picked some lemon verbena leaves and lemon grass leaves to make a nice pot of fresh herb tea.

When I picked the lemon verbena leaves, I also picked this leaf that clearly has a resident. My first thought was to toss it into the compost for immediate disposal. But I was curious to know just who lurked in this mummy like cocoon.

I can breathe through a tissue, so I chose that for the top of my jar. I wanted something fine in case whatever hatches out is tiny.

Now the mummy lurks on my kitchen windowsill. If something hatches I will be sure to see it there. Ed thinks it might be a spider. I don't know what it is, but I hope this mummy doesn't come with a curse.

 February 17: Whatever was in the jar escaped into my kitchen. A hole in the tissue was my first clue. Examination of the remains on the leaf showed that something hatched out of a thin shell. Darn I guess it came with a small curse.


laveta'splace said...

It will be interesting to discover what is in that mummy!
The tea sounds so good.

Lyn said...

I never thought of triple lemon tea. What a yummy idea! I have lemon grass and lemon balm (my nemesis!)so all I need is lemon verbena,and I have a friend who grows it. Do you use the same amount of each?

NellJean said...

You could have fresh lemon grass in a pot on a windowsill. I keep two big pots in the greenhouse through the winter for the pets to chew.

Becky said...

I do use the same amount of each, but you could vary that according to what you have. Different blends will work. The tea without lemon balm is really good too or try the herbs singly to see which flavor you like best.