Monday, September 5, 2011

Interesting When Wet , Photos by Amy

This Mammoth Pink Chrysanthemum looks fresh as a daisy!

Asparagus Berries hold on to those water droplets.

The end of the pink poppies and the beginning flowering 'Autumn Joy' sedum are a sure sign of fall.

Our new great  lobelia flowers are a beautiful shade of blue except for the plant that turned out to be white.

The red hibiscus may be blown over, but it still blooms on.

'Stardust' chrysanthemum's fluted petals hold many water droplets.

 A fossil on top of the wall shines neatly when wet.

Could be lichens or perhaps some fungus, but this stone is almost completely covered with growth.

No wet garden post is complete without a picture of lady's mantle.

A bumblebee takes advantage of the lull in the rain to visit mullein flowers.  It's good Amy went out to visit the garden when she did. We are back to rain again.


Lyn said...

Lovely photos and I'm glad you're getting some rain now.

JEllen said...

Awesome photos Amy!!!

We are having lots of rain here too.

Liz said...

Wow! Gorgeous pictures!!

KIJONO said...

your photography is beautiful :)