Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walking the Paths

Snow is finally leaving the wilderness garden and our garlic is beginning to peek out. Storm warnings have been posted for tonight so these plants could be under eight inches of new snow tomorrow. Our walk revealed several of these piles of dirt. Their source is a mystery. No machines have crossed this path since the first November snowfall. No depression is under the disturbed dirt. No disturbed sod can be found near the mysterious dirt pile. Not for the first time in my life I am completely clueless about what I am seeing. How did these dirt piles come to be here? We found something green and growing near the path. Princess pine is fairly common in these parts but finding something off to a fresh start this time of year is exciting.

Gray and growing is also exciting. Reindeer moss is very common here. When the weather is dry the plant becomes very brittle and is described as flammable. Any contact breaks branches and they do not recover. Rain softens the plant and the contrast between these two states is quite amazing.


PatioPatch said...

This is a nice take on how we overlook what is at our feet. It would be a great addition to Blooming Friday's theme this week
On the Ground
Hope you don't mind the suggestion.

Donna said...

did you get lots of snow? we got some rain but I think the weather is looking up and we may actually get some decent early spring weather...although it is a coule of weeks behind...hoping your weather is better

Owen said...

Princess pine....lycopodium? I've been interested in making some small terraria, and that is one of the plants I might try growing.