Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Ed

A new wheelbarrow makes a nifty gift for any gardening Dad. It is especially nice if the tire on his old one mysteriously suffers a nighttime blow out after being pumped up the day before. It was the second tire for the old wheelbarrow. If the replacement tire had been made in Ohio it likely would have lasted longer than part of one season. Our choice was another questionable quality replacement tire or a new wheelbarrow. Ed even got to enjoy the fun of putting his new toy together.

This is the view from the garden bench in the evening. The setting sun has dropped below the pines placing the garden in shadow. As we were sitting there a large bird flew low over the garden. It was really working its wings fighting for some altitude. Soon it set its wings to glide and as it circled over us the white head and tail identified the bird as an eagle. We have never before seen an eagle start its flight. There is some difference between the large plank-like wings of an eagle soaring and the furiously pumping bent wings of an eagle beginning its flight.


Northern Shade said...

The shot from the garden bench looks great. It looks cool in the enclosed garden, but the sun is glowing on the field in the distance. I like the circle garden in the middle, with the path around, and plantings on either side. Plus, of course, those wonderful walls to set it all off.

DeVona said...

ptoutsiHi, Becky and Ed!What beautiful pictures -the photo and the words decribing the eagle sighting!