Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wall Flowers

This lemon verbena plant wintered over in the house and has been part of the in and out gang for months. The plant looked pathetic for a long while, but look at it now. It decided to bloom while waiting on the wall for it's turn to be planted in the garden. The tiny little flowers have the same lemon lollipop scent as the leaves of this plant. It is definitely worth the trouble to grow this plant here, even though it is always a challenge. Having lemon verbena leaves chopped in fresh fruit salad is a treat I'm unwilling to give up.

This P.crispum 'Minor' lemon scented geranium is a new spring arrival. It is destined for a larger pot, and a spot on the patio in front of the stone wall. Unwilling to wait , it also flowered while waiting on the stone wall. With it's strong lemon scent and tiny crisped leaves, this plant is often used to scent finger bowls at fancy dinner parties. It releases it's lovely scent when brushed against and when it is watered. I love my scented geraniums, but they don't always flower. This plant's beautiful pink flowers were a delightful surprise. It pays to flaunt it. This plant will definitely get Ed's attention his the next plant potting session.

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The Violet Fern said...

Lemon verbena sounds delicious! I may have to try that one. Your geranium flowers are beautiful!