Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thyme For Weeding On A Rainy Day

Too bad the weeds still grow when the thyme is in bloom. On a sunny day the flowers are covered with many sorts of bees. On a rainy day however, the bees stay home and weeding can be done without all that buzzing and the risk of being stung. Early morning works too, bees sleep in until things warm up a bit. Today was raining on and off, so I took my chance to weed the red creeping thyme on the patio. I did leave one woolly thyme plant hoping to move it to a place where I want it later.

Yesterday when Amy and I were in the garden we discovered a new spotted fawn. He might have been born yesterday because he was small and unsteady. Mom was nowhere in sight. We were relieved when he tottered off into the pines. Today while I was working in the garden I was snorted at repeatedly. I guess Mom is still around and a bit miffed that I was occupying her space. Ed and I still have the idea that this is our garden.

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