Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1: Bloom List

"Mirror, mirror on the wall... It was hard to choose but this Siberian Iris, "Caesar's Brother" is really gorgeous.

If these Siberian iris hadn't been nibbled on slightly, they might have come out on top. Their color is stunning!

In an effort to improve our garden design, we decided to list the flowers in bloom in the Stone Wall Garden on the first and the 15th of the month. What good is it to plant things together thinking they will blend beautifully when they bloom at totally different times? Here in no particular order are the plants in bloom today: lemon finger bowl geranium, lemon verbena, bluets, bleeding heart, Jack in the pulpit,chives,Oriental Poppy, Robin's plantain, spiderwort, Dianthus, lavender mountain lily, morning glory, Valerian,coral bells, meadow sage,Iris, Allium albopilosum, Allium "Beau Regard" ( pathetic), lemon lily, Viola "Rebecca", Siberian Iris, red creeping thyme,woolly thyme, snow in summer, blue-eyed grass, evening scented stock, German chamomile, nasturtiums, salad burnet, blue flag, sweet rocket, Elle's rose, Laurentia star flower, Ptilotus Joey .

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