Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15: Bloom List

This Siberian Iris, Rikugi Sakura was outstanding today. The photo competition is getting tough. Some plants are fading and will not appear on the next list. Others are just beginning to bloom. Some things like the coral bells and the evening scented stock will be around all summer.

June 15 2010, Bloom list: Ingeborg's mallow, purple coneflower, morning glory, lemon finger bowl geranium, lemon verbena, bluets, bleeding heart, Jack in the pulpit, Robin's plantain, spiderwort, Dianthus,(all 5 kinds) , Valerian,coral bells, meadow sage, apricot Iris, Allium albopilosum, , Viola "Rebecca", Siberian Iris,(Butter and Sugar, Rikuga Sakura, and Lavender Lovliness) red creeping thyme,woolly thyme,lemon thyme, Wild thyme, snow in summer, blue-eyed grass, evening scented stock, German chamomile, nasturtiums, salad burnet, blue flag, yellow flag, sweet rocket, Elle's yellow rose,Jane's Pink Rugosa rose, Laurentia star flower, Ptilotus Joey , Gallardia,lady's mantle,Johnny jump ups,spotted lily,garden sage,Nicotiana,Stella D'oro lily,rose campion,catchfly,Peppermint stick zinnia, pink foxglove, baby's breath, Pyrythem daisy,peas, strawberries,sundrops, Anchusa, Achillia "Pretty Belinda",snapdragon, helitrope,and Amy's Amarylis.

Flowers still in bud are not listed, at least one open flower is required to make the list. It's getting to be a great time to sit on the garden bench and admire the garden. Even though the list of things to do in the garden is long, sitting on the bench is a must!

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The Violet Fern said...

That is quite a list! I bet it's beautiful. I must get a bench when I am done making all my beds so I can place it right in the middle of them and sit and admire - you've convinced me.