Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cabbage and Rosemary?

The plants are almost all planted in the ground, Whew! When I got to this sixpack, I was expecting to find kohlrabi. I seldom see kohlrabi for sale. I haven't grown it in years, but this year I decided I wanted to plant some. Now that I 'm ready to plant, what I have is cabbage. Ed and I don't really eat cabbage much anymore. I have to decide if I want to take up garden space with cabbage. Clearly a mistake has been made. The tag clearly says CABBAGE!

Once is a mistake. Twice could be a trend. The sixpack of what we thought was lavender, was not lavender at all, but rosemary. We love rosemary, if fact since I lost my rosemary over the winter, we bought three new plants. We planted these six right next to two small lavenders. Wow, apart from the fragrance, they really do look alike, but again the tag clearly says ROSEMARY. What we will do with nine rosemary plants in the fall is anybody's guess. Another mistake has been made.

Several things are at play here. We do get just a bit excited in the spring when it's time to purchase new plants. We think we know what the plants we want look like. Of course the overwhelmingly likely reason is that we have not yet accepted the fact that we need our glasses to shop for plants. It makes it so we can actually read those tags.

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Taylor said...

It could be a new trend- blind plant shopping! You never know what you're going to get! Add a new level of excitement to gardening :)