Monday, June 28, 2010

Cardinal Flight School

It was an on and off rain day, so I had a chance to observe the garden from the window. A brilliant red male cardinal and his newly-fledged slender carbon copy of Mom were on the stone path by the clove currant bush. Dad fed junior as I watched. Next Dad flew up and sat on the post in front of the clove currant bush. Junior disappeared under the bush. I watched the bush quiver as the young cardinal struggled to get to Dad. As soon as he got there Dad promptly flew to the smoke bush. Junior hesitated, and then flapped his very best to arrive in the smoke bush where Dad was waiting. This time Dad fed the baby. I guess a reward is given for flying, but not for climbing. Almost immediately Dad flew to a garden post just a bit more distant. Again junior flew to catch up with Dad. This trip took them out of my line of sight, but I'm sure this is how they spent the day. Young birds have to grow up fast to survive. I don't know how long flight training lasts. This beautiful little cardinal seemed to be doing very well. I hope I get to see both of them them again.

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