Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Blue Screen Of Death !

My computer is in a coma. It's prognosis is grim. Fortunately the local library gives me access to the blog. For now no pictures will appear, and posts may be more infrequent.

Everything is fine in the garden. Ed is planting and more things are blooming every day. Today the spiderwort is especially lovely.It is covered with those gorgeous deep blue flowers. Since the day is cloudy they are lasting beautifully.I think the blossoms habit of melting in the sun is the only downside to this plant.

The blue flag is also fantastic. The plants by the driveway are a sight to behold. Without the removal of last years leaves, they still look great and the foliage will stay nice all summer. In many ways it is a perfect plant.

The apricot iris and Oriental poppies look spectacular together. The colors are especially vibrant at sunset. We got a combination planting right for once. Of course something spent the night in the middle of the poppy plant so it looks just a bit flat.

We continue to enjoy salads. Garden lettuce, spinach and the spicy mesclun are ready to cut. Very soon we will stop cutting the asparagus and let it make its ferns. The drying of catnip and peppermint has begun. That' all for now. My time is up.

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Kyna said...

Ah, the blue screen of death. I remember those (relatively recent) days of my own. :( That sucks.