Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wildflowers And Untamed Weeds

It's hard to contain the excitement when a long sought after wildflower comes up. In the case if this Yellow Clintonia or blue bead lily, I couldn't wait for the flowers to open to take a picture, but look at those great buds!

Ed managed to get the potato onions in before the rain started, and the beds are ready for the onion plants imminent arrival. Another bed is all ready for the first planting of peas. Sometimes we get them in before the late April rain, and sometimes we don't. When thing dry off a bit, we're ready.

It's not just our chosen plants that respond to the rain, the weeds are coming on strong too. This small Valerian plant qualifies as a weed since it is growing in a place reserved for thyme.Perhaps if it comes out nicely, I'll put it in a pot. The speedwell is a persistent weed here. It makes beautiful bluish-purple patches in the grass. I love it there, but not in the garden beds. Here in the cracks of the patio it has to go.

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