Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plants In A Box

Yesterday was cold and blustery. The freeze warnings were out. Ed headed out to cover the plants that we felt might suffer some damage like the lilies and my Angelicia gigas. As fortune would have it, he accidentally locked the basement door on one of his trips. Muttering to himself he walked around to come in the other door. There on the porch sat our box of plants from Richters. How lucky we were that he found them. Last night was not nice for tender, new plants to be caught outside. Perhaps the UPS man has a new muffler on his truck, or maybe the wind was noisy enough for him to be able to drop off my box of plants without my noticing. The important thing is Ed found the box in time.

The three blood root plants that we ordered were out of stock, disappointing, but in the box was a balloon flower, a finger bowl lemon scented Geranium, 3 Patchouli plants, a Rosemary officinalis, an Arp Rosemary, a golden rain rosemary, 3 alpine strawberries and 3 lemon verbenas.

I'm pretty pleased with my new arrivals. Even as stressed and chilled as these plants were, their fragrances are terrific! The lemon verbenas are small, but healthy looking. This patchouli is another matter. Although listed as easy to grow, I know from past experience that patchouli plants like it hot. With the cool reception on arrival here, I guess it has a right to look stressed out. If I am concerned about the plants recovery, I am told to contact customer service within 48 hours. Let's hope the sultry 65 that I keep my house will suffice to perk up this plant. I really hate to make that kind of call!


Kyna said...

Glad that most of your plants made it to you relatively undamaged :D

I don't think I'd ever plant patchouli. My husband's ex-wife always smells of it. When we're out in the mall, and some woman walks past wearing that scent, he gets this freaked out look on his face, and asks, 'Is Billie Jean around or something?' LOL.

Sheila said...

Glad you found your plants! It wold have been very disappointing to have them perish before you even got them out of the box!

Joyce said...

I love those "by design" moments!!