Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just In Time

Four days have passed since this picture was taken.  Converting the lawn tractor to a snow plow was done on a bright warm fall day.  When the chains were placed on the wheels, I was able to hook the ends one link short.  Not sure that the tight fit was acceptable, I checked with the sales person at the tractor supply store.   He said that some people let the air out of the tires before attaching the chains. Reinflating the tires with the chains in place would give a really tight fit.   I stayed with one link short.   This could be the first winter when the chains do not come off during plowing, a possible but not likely outcome.

No oil nor oil filter were on hand, so that part of the job was postponed pending a trip to the store.   As the oil change was being completed yesterday morning, the snow began to fall.  The header picture was taken this morning.   Snow was in the air most of yesterday.   Temperatures remained below freezing overnight and our tree shaded road was slick today.  My first day on slippery roads always includes some unintentional skidding.  The car remained between the ditches as winter driving skills were awakened.  Some additional intentional skidding sharpened necessary reactions.  I was alone, so there were no audible gasps from white knuckled passengers.  Practice makes perfect, besides I find it FUN!

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Joyce said...

Oh I am not looking forward to that white stuff this year. The garden does look so beautful though with the freshly fallen snow. Perfect timing and nice work Ed.