Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ed's Sandbox

Waste stone is our largest crop.  Any attempt to work the ground turns up stone.  Wall quality stones are uncommon.   Stones small enough for use as mulch in the paths must be separated.   What to do with the rest of the stone is a problem.   Casting it in a heap to be dealt with later is no solution. Pasture grass, snakes and bees claim the waste stone heap in short order.   Placing waste stone in its final resting place is a better solution.   What is an appropriate location is the remaining question.

Our gravel bank was opened by the farmer that tried to make his living here.   The town road crews removed enough gravel each year to cover the taxes.   It is downhill from the garden to the gravel bank so pushing a wheelbarrow of waste stone here is rather easy.   Still the piles of waste stone get in the way.  Building a road seemed a simple solution.  An added bonus was making something out of the large misshapen goonies that really make something to trip over.   My goal is to reach the top of the gravel bank.  The larger stones could end my career so they are moved with a mix of caution and smarts.  Some of the real monsters remain downhill of where they were found. That is just smart.

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Daphne said...

My big wish is for an easy way to crush the stone. Stone dust is a great amendment to the garden and I get so many stones out of it. I hate piling them up elsewhere.