Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer Sweet, Caged For The Winter

It's time well spent to get a bed all weeded and ready for the coming winter. This summer sweet had a difficult year. The June frost hit just when it was starting to leaf out. For a long time the plant looked dead. It recovered but,we had only one or two of the white fragrant flowers that usually cover this plant. Amy and Ed discovered summer sweet while hiking. Its fragrance is a reminder of that special day. We go all out to help this specimen any way we can. The cage will keep the deer from grazing on it this winter. The small offshoot needs protection from rabbits. The bed has been weeded and amended.

The plan is to move the daughter plant to a North facing slope. In theory the glancing contact from the low sun will warm soil there slowly. Holding the frost in the ground a little longer should delay leaf out. Extra time dormant may lessen damage from late frosts.

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