Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playin' In The Rain

It's too rainy to mow. It's too rainy to work in the garden beds. What's a guy to do who loves to play outside? In this case Ed has gone back to working on the shade garden wall. The wall ends are coming together. This flat area of wall bothers Ed. Somehow when working on this part he drifted back to straight. Straight is Ed's default position! Part of him really wants to take it down and redo it since he was going for curved. I'm so pleased that it will stand. It makes this wall distinctively Ed's

The two ends of the wall have come together. As Ed works on the wall, he uses wet gravel from the gravel bank to fill in the spaces between the stones. It will dry hard, not as hard as concrete of course, but very firm, yet flexible.

He will work on the gap until the top of the wall is level. It might not be perfectly level, but Ed has a great eye, so I bet it will be close. This "back" view of the shade garden shows work yet to be done. Soil and amendments must be added. Weeds need to be removed. One thing we didn't consider was exactly how we will keep this bed weeded. It's wider than either of us can reach when sitting on the wall. Time will work out that small detail. The weather forecast is for more rain, and more rain means more wall.

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cherry said...

Miss Becky I'm heading out to have that glass of wine no rain here come and join me the moon flowers are starting to open.. I love the wall tell Ed not to change a thing.
hugs, Cherry