Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magical Moonflower

I had to be up early this morning, and as I dressed in the bedroom,something white caught my eye out in the garden. What I saw was a big surprise! After the weather we have had, I had all but given up on the idea that the moonflower would bloom this year. It's really out of its zone here.I buy plants every year anyway. Some years I get flowers , some years I don't. The huge white flowers that open at night and send out their fabulous fragrance are worth the chance to me, so I grow it and hope.

I dressed and went out to the garden to get a picture, and took a long wonderful inhale of its fabulous perfume. It was a magical day brightener in spite of I was about to do.

You just have to love country living! Early in this LONG... weekend we discovered that we had a dead mouse in the ventilation system of the car. I say discovered. You could smell the thing without even getting in the car. The morning of the second day there were cat footprints on the hood. Yuck, I thought cats liked fresh mice.

With the temperature in the forties, I put on my jacket, rolled down the windows, and drove the half hour necessary to the reach the car dealership.I took a barf bag with me just in case. Two hours and $100 later I came back home. Thank goodness the removal was a success! By the time I got back the moonflower had faded. I knew it would, they only get one night to show off their magical beauty and fragrance. There are more buds on the vine. I will be watching for flowers now. I won't miss a chance to sit out on the bench after dark to get the full benefit of the moonflower again. I can always use a little magic especially if it smells terrific!

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Oh Becky ...that would have made me crazy too .. dead mouse smell and missing the moonflower perfect shot.
I was on Dave's site (Home and Garden Dave) he posted about his moonflower vine and just seeing the one bloom. I commented that two years running and I still have never seen one bloom for my efforts.
I'm glad you did get to see yours though .. helps with the dead mouse issue ? maybe ? LOL