Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's Garden Is This Anyway?

Here, deer in the garden is a fact of life. Ed's systems of portable cages works well for the plants we know the deer find irresistible.We always cage some things. Never, but never have I seen the deer eat Black-eyed Susans, but pictures don't lie. Well at least mine don't.

According to plan no more asparagus was going to be eaten here this year. The deer disagree with me on that as well. Again in my experience, the deer have left the asparagus alone.

We often think that an orphan fawn is prone to eat unusual things since Mom is not around to see he eats properly. It's more comforting to think that way than it is to think that the entire herd has changed its eating habits.

This year we will see how the skyscraper hollyhock does having been cut back very hard. This cage went on after the damage was done, but it's not like the horse being stolen. I'm sure some of the deer will be back, probably tonight.

We watched the movie "Cross Creek" just this week. "The Yearling" was never one of my favorite books. I used to be completely on the side with the young girl. Now I see see things from a different perspective.

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Susan said...

I waited and waited forever for my black eyed susan's to appear one year.....the deer got to them first! The next year were my hostas. You never know what they will go for! Too bad they don't eat weeds!!!