Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remember Sushni ?

The sushini seems to have adjusted to its spot in the shade garden. Perhaps it likes the rain we have been having. It's other name is European water clover. I rather like the four leaf clovers so I hope it survives here. It has already been frosted once. Like the bacopa this plant is supposed to improve memory. I shall have to remember to water it also.

I'll get my chance since we have actually had a couple of days with blue skies and sun. We have been kept busy. Ed is mowing the meadow we like to think of as our herbal lawn before we have to get a hay baler in here. It's good he likes to do it because it really helps to keep the woodchucks at bay.

I've begun to dry herbs for tea and catnip for mice. We have salad greens galore. The first snow pea is on the vine along with many blossoms. Strawberries from the garden make for a great breakfast. The basil is ready to be cut back to encourage new growth.

Not everything is doing great. Small rabbits have made short work of our broccoli plants. Not prone to give up easily, Ed found some plants to replace them. Gardens are great, but not always easy or without disappointment. Pleasure and pain come together, but those strawberries...Mmm!

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