Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mixed Up Mesclun

I cut some mesclun for salad for dinner. There's nothing like those young leaves, freshly picked and organically grown. We don't grow in a greenhouse or under row cover so the little holes in the arugula leaves go with the territory. We prefer insect perforated leaves to using chemicals. I do pay attention when I'm washing these baby greens.The poppies that self seed here look right at home, but I'm not about to eat those leaves. Would they hurt me? Perhaps, but who wants to find out? I love exotic salads, but I stick to things I'm sure are safe and tasty. Anything I don't recognize for sure, or I don't know to be edible, goes in the compost.

The garden is heating up in more ways than one. Ed is working hard to get the plants into their spots in the garden. The grass needs mowing. It's time to start drying herbs. It's ironic that when there is so very much to write about on a garden blog , there is so much less time to do it.

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Daphne said...

I find that the case too. I'm a bit ahead of you in weather, so my busiest time is over. Mostly I just touched on what I did in my blog. Writing takes too long and I needed to spend the time in the garden.