Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Scents

The garden is full of amazing scents now. Herbs are especially nice about releasing a wonderful aroma when touched. Thyme , basil, rosemary , lemon verbena, savory, sage , mints, Valerian,catnip are all are a treat to work around. Today it is these Sweet Pinks, Dianthus x hybida, 'Rainbow Lovliness', that releases its sweet fragrance to the wind and captures your attention. It's a sweet spicy smell similar to carnations. The frilly flowers are so delicate and beautiful that they could get by on just the way they look, but they don't have to. This is our second year with these flowers. They were started from seed. This plant actually takes my breath away!


Janet said...

What a gorgeous Dianthus!! I will have to look for some of those next year. I love the fragrance of Dianthus.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Becky those flowers look amazing .. I haven't seen that type before .. I grow some pinks and full size carnations and love the aroma .. the best one of all is bee balm for me .. but even with a resistant type Petite Delight .. powdery mildew drives me CRAZY ! LOL

Becky said...

These were grown from seed I got from Richters. This is their second year.