Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blasted Baby Bunnies!

Take a look at my carefully caged tomato plant. If you do not recognize a tomato plant stripped of its leaves, the branched stalk in the foreground is the tomato plant. I used to like baby bunnies. They are so soft,so furry, so adorable ,so cute. Let me tell you cute wears off! My poor tomato plants have had a tough year as it is with frosts, rain with no sun, and now baby bunnies. The evidence is irrefutable. Baby bunny berries don't lie. Plus I have seen the bunnies shoot through the wire cages like they did not exist. Never thought a 2in. by 4in. hole would be no barrier for rabbits.

Those blasted baby bunnies are stripping leaves from my scented geraniums to make their little nests which makes them even less cute . Most rabbits settle for nests made from grass, but not these little bunnies. Rose and peppermint scented leaves seem to be necessary to make them happy.

Time is on my side I guess. Soon these baby bunnies will be too big to fit through the cage wire, but I can see myself now waiting in line at the farmers' market to buy a decent tomato.


islandgardener said...

I have thought that tomatoes are distasteful to many creatures. Thankfully, my geese don't like them. I let them try them to see which side of the garden to put them on (the side they could get to, or not). They mouthed them, made a face, and so I thought it was safe to put them on the side closest to them in order to protect other things from their long necks. They haven't bothered them at all! So sorry that your bunnies like them...

J said...

So aggravating! This year something is really enjoying our pea shoots, and it's not a fancy New York City foodie.

The deer also seem to be focused on things they usually don't touch until late in the season, too: like my new apple tree! Grrrr.

Here's hoping your bunnies get fat really soon!

Curmudgeon said...

Peppermint scented bunny nests! Those are refined and sophisticated bunnies you have there! Tomatoes are about the only thing doing well in our garden right now. And I've probably just jinxed them by writing that. LOL!