Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Salad Days

It was cool last night, almost too cool. Today we had some gentle rain, no lightning, no thunder, no fierce wind, just showers. It was wonderful.

The lettuce is in seventh heaven. It is crispy and fresh and gorgeous. It was a pleasure to go out right before dinner to pick the makings for our dinner salad. I like to mix the lettuce with some spinach from the bed next door. After that I get a little more exotic. Some lemon basil, chives, Johnny-jump-up blossoms, tarragon, and sweet marjoram get added to the lettuce and spinach. With all those flavors in the salad, a simple dressing is all that is needed. A raspberry vinaigrette is very nice.

These young lettuce plants will keep us in salads for some time. We have seeds planted for their replacements. Our salad days are here!

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