Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pernicious Weed

We had some rain, the sun is shining, it's hot and the plants are taking off. The oriental poppies, iris, blue flag, alliums, rugosa roses, dame's rocket, and other plants are coming into bloom.

And the weeds, well stand back because they are doing their thing. I wanted to say a few words about the lacy leaf weed in the center of this picture. It is the worst, a really evil plant! It makes people sick, and it looks so innocent with its little insignificant flowers. It is of course ragweed. This plant is one of my sworn enemies. I pull it out every time I see it. If you can get it before it flowers with that nasty pollen you've won. If it gets a chance to go to seed, you lose.

There was a lot of it here when we came. I've made progress, but as you can see the rotten things still lurk here. This one lasted just long enough to have its picture taken. It's compost now.

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seeded said...

I've been wondering what those tiny things were in my garden! Thanks for enlightening me. I'd been halfheartedly pulling them up (the unknown is my enemy), but now I'll have to step up the vigilance.