Friday, June 13, 2008

Half- a- Day lily

Before the weather turned ugly on Tuesday I was going to photograph two lovely lemon lilies and what was left of my lavender alliums. Had they bloomed at the same time like I hoped, it would have been spectacular. As you can see the day lilies were late and the alliums have gone past.

But the two lilies took hits from the hail. One was on the ground. This one took a glancing blow but blooms on. The garden is full of casualties and survivors of the blitz. Anything that got a direct hit is, well, compost. Some of the larger leaves have round holes or cracks. The plants look ragged but will survive. The peas are tangled.

The row cover over the squash is now Swiss cheese. It did protect the squash plants from direct hits, but will be no help in keeping out the squash borers unless it is replaced.

In the end we had more misses than hits. I'm grateful for that.

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