Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who Goes There?

I love the walls in the garden. I never realized that they would be the home of so many animals. It's obvious from the marks you see in the dirt that someone lives right there in the wall. I'm sure it's one of those furry little creatures that makes me go "EEEK" when I see them. I didn't realize that so many creatures would move into a dry stone wall. To them it is the Ritz. They are out of the weather, and they have servants (my husband and myself) who plant their favorite delicacies nearby. I always wondered what the little critters ate all winter. "Seeds," I thought, "and bugs." They do that, but they also eat tulip bulbs, crocus bulbs, and perennial plant roots.

Of course with the snow cover gone, times are harder. They have to watch out for the great horned owls and the long tailed weasel at night, and the hawks during the day. The pair of foxes that lives here might show up anytime. As far as I'm concerned, furry critter is the special every day at this eating establishment.

It's February now and we are getting iced. I would have preferred snow. When I first moved to this part of Upstate New York, I was told, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a little, it will change soon." It usually does!

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