Monday, July 9, 2018

More Daylilies

This is the third variety in the gift from Susan.  This is likely an older cross and its name remains unknown to us.

Becky Lynne is the name given to this one.  This flower appears a bit delicate.

Molakai is a clear winner.  Its flowers begin to open in the evening so they are fully open by sunrise.  That explains the water drops evident on each petal's edge as the last of the night fog is about to disappear.

Spiritual Corridor is the second variety that we purchased.  Ruffled edges carrying the color of the center sets this one apart from the rest.

Strawberry Fields Forever displays one of the problems faced by breeders today.  With literately hundreds of named varieties registered how does one find a new name for the new one under consideration?

Wild Mustang is a flower with broad petals.

Prairie Blue Eyes is the tallest lily in our collection.

Indian Giver is a horrible name assigned to a most beautiful flower.  This one is definitely on the list to divide so that we have a generous supply of flowers worthy of a spot in our planned display garden.

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