Friday, July 20, 2018

Even More Daylilies

Amish Quilt Patch is colored much differently than most Daylilies.  Its colors are soft and subdued while its scent is most pleasant.

Flash Fire is a bright clear red.  The white center ribs and scalloped edges make a sharp contrast.

Catherine Woodbury is even more delicately colored.  It is among the varieties that have been here for a very long time.

This robust beauty was included in a mail order as a free gift.  This variety is among the most robust growing both tall and wide.  The flower count is astronomical.  The scent is beyond pleasant.  The only explanation that I can find for this wonders relegation to the free gift category is that the society than grants names to new varieties found this one too similar to already named varieties.  The breeder's loss is my gain since I find this white flower highly desirable.

Doc Reaver has huge flowers.  Its scent is pleasant while the clear yellow color is somewhat understated.  Brighter yellows are in my collection but this one truly stands out.

To date 30 different Daylilies have been listed here.  It is likely that less than 10 remain to be displayed.  We hit a snag today when we found a marker stone that was clearly misplaced.  When more plants open their flowers perhaps we can clean up the mess.


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

They are all very pretty.

Indie said...

Some very beautiful daylilies! I love Doc Reaver. The majority of my daylilies are pass-a-long plants and thus orange ditch lilies, but I think even those look so pretty when all in bloom. Of course those are more robust than the few named varieties I have, ha!