Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Missed By Frost, Kissed By Frost

Jack Frost can be pretty sneaky around here in the fall.  Last night there were no frost warnings issued.  When we stepped out the door this morning it was warm enough that frost seemed impossible.  This afternoon though, a walk around the garden made it obvious that  sometime during the night we had a cold icy visitor.  Nasturtiums find Jack's  breath to be the kiss of death, but these yellow nasturtiums inside the four stone walls look fine. They were missed by the frost.

These nasturtiums not too far away in one of the garden beds were lightly kissed by frost.  They took it hard.  It is October and time to say goodbye!

Basil hates frost. In fact it doesn't even like to be cool.  The basil between two of Ed's stone paths and  close to the front of our white house looks fine.  Clearly it was missed by the frost.

The basil in the garden was hit by the frost.  It was not enough to kill the entire plant outright, but these plants had a near death experience.  The compost is the perfect place for them now!  We hate cleaning up totally dead slimy basil but pulling these plants that are still holding their dead leaves won't be so bad.

This unusual self planted gourd plant is growing perhaps 18 inches above the ground on an old compost pile.   It was missed by the frost.

The gourd vine that got missed by the frost shows at the upper left of this picture.  The vine growing at ground level got kissed pretty hard by the frost.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, compost to compost.  This plant has a very short trip to its final resting place!


Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Interesting weather patterns this year: We haven't had anything near frost yet here in S. Wisconsin. About a week and a half ago, we had several days of high 80s and 90s. Then earlier this week, the highs were in the 80s. A cooler forecast ahead, but no frost for at least 10 days. It's an interesting feeling when frost first visits in the fall. I like a little garden break, so in some ways it's a welcome visitor...until the really cold stuff comes. Blech.

Indie said...

There's been a couple of nights I've wondered if we would get a frost, but we've been lucky so far. It's crazy to think about frost when it come back up to 80 degrees the next day!