Monday, June 5, 2017

Ed's Birthday Bash From My Point Of View

Sometimes when Ed is really focused on some project here at the Stone Wall Garden, he is a little hard for me to locate.  The first evening when Amy arrived it was relatively easy to find Ed.  First we listened for the sound of the tracker, then we drove the truck to the back.  We simply followed his tracks.  At first the uprooted Asian honeysuckle bushes were small and Ed's tracks were quite large, but we could see he was getting the hang of it.  Finally we saw him moving in the distance on the other side of the meadow.  He was just a little red spot in a sea of green!

If you notice the trees on the horizon you can see that this picture is taken in the same basic direction as the first two. The misshapen tall red maple tree is in all three pictures.  The impressive thing is what you don't see!  That one remaining bush hasn't got a chance!

Early the next morning Ed and his machine tackled the driveway.  Heavy rain was expected so he had to be coaxed into quitting long enough to have lunch.  Here he is headed to get another scoop of gravel to spread.  He might have had a little bit of trouble getting it perfect this morning, but he's rolling now!

Because heavy rain was due, Ed smoothed out the driveway and took a break long enough to say goodbye and get Amy on her way home.  He worked on the driveway until the rain got pretty heavy.  Finally we covered the skidder with a tarp because we couldn't get the  %#&? door closed to keep out the rain.

Early this morning when the truck arrived to pick up the machine Ed was trying to finish his driveway work.  Reluctantly he dumped his scoop of gravel and brought the machine to be loaded for its return.  Ed's Birthday Bash was a big success!   He got more than I ever thought possible done and he had a wonderful time doing it.  It's not sad because I don't think it's really goodbye but   à bientôt!

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