Sunday, March 5, 2017

Changeable March

Our outside work on the first day of this month seems to have awakened in us a need to garden now.  We ventured outside in response to incredibly clear blue skies and blindingly bright sunshine.  Knowing that skies that clear only occur here when our air is fresh from the North Pole, we were expecting cold air.  It did not disappoint.  Gloved hands quickly began to ache and we soon retreated back inside the house.

Our inside plants suffer from less than perfect care.  Somehow days slip by and attention to basic issues is missed.  This rosemary has managed to stay with us for years.  Its twisted growth habit was the reason it was purchased.  Unusual traits and weaker plants seem to go hand in hand.  We were expecting this specimen to be nearing its final hours.  New growth was appearing so it seemed right to give this plant some help.  Dead wood was cut away and it now looks like this one may live to see another year outside.

Three small heel cuttings were taken.  We use juice bottles with the bottoms cut away to cover the cutting.  That keeps the air around the cutting moist.  Water in the saucer prevents the soil from going dry.  At this time of year cuttings usually die as the basement is chilly.  These early cuttings were moved upstairs into relative warmth.  My need to plant something today was satisfied.

The winter aconites finally pushed their flowers into the air.  In response to an overnight air temperature of zero, the flowers remain tightly closed.  One must marvel at the toughness of these plants.

Nearby snowdrops also have their flower buds closed in the cold air.  We will see their beautiful white flowers later this week as warmer temperatures are in the forecast.

These bluets self seeded in the top of the shade garden wall.  Our transplants were set in the adjacent soil and they prospered for a few years.  Bluets need moist soil and their former location was excessively dry.  Only the moisture captured by the stones keeps these plants alive.  We plan to move two of these plants to a better location soon.  It appears that one of these plants is not like the others.  Some bluets plants are male while others are female.  We will move the two plants at either end of the row in an attempt to get both genders and viable seed.  Their new location will include a nearness to water grabbing stones.  These plants are among Becky's favorites so I really need then to survive under my care.

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Becky said...

There were bluebirds in the garden and visiting the nest boxes that we can see from the kitchen window. A bald eagle flew over the garden just above the level of the stand of Norway spruce. It was a majestic sight! You won't find me in the garden until it warms up again!