Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Moonflower That Came In From The Cold: Part One

Out in the garden the moonflower vines have been getting hit with frost repeatedly.  I think it is safe to say that the vines are now dead.  There is nothing like a clear sky and a full moon to really drop the temperature here in the fall.  Inside the house something more exciting was happening. In the afternoon  this bud looked really promising.  It was green and tightly wound, but something was definitely going on here!

A moonflower opening just in time for the full moon seemed perfect, maybe magical.  The sun was just beginning to disappear behind the ridge to the west.   I was sitting in Ed's chair looking at the moonflower and I swear I saw it move!  I hurried to the other room to get the camera and by the time I returned the flower was open like this.

 It was then that I had the brilliant idea to switch to a video.  I must have been shaking with excitement because the movement of the camera was so bad that it looked like I was filming at 6.2 on the Richter scale.  At the end off three minutes I finally had the good sense to stop.

In three minutes time the flower opened so that it looked like this!  Needless to say I was thrilled.  I had high hopes of getting pictures of the moonflower in the full moonlight of the Hunter's Moon.  That is to be continued in The moonflower That Came In From The Cold: Part Two!

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