Sunday, October 23, 2016

Late Autumn Color

Just when you think that it is over you discover that it is not over yet.  In many nearby places the hills are covered with leafless trees.  Where some leaves still hang onto the trees they are a dull yellowish brown.  Moving down into our dead ice sink, I discovered this wild blueberry bush ablaze with bright color.  It is quite a find.

Our new computer has an automatic enhance feature that it applies to all of our pictures.  We turn off that artificial brightening of our photos one at a time.  We prefer to see the colors as they actually exist.  Believe it or not these colors look just like what I saw with my old eyes.

Looking up out of the dead ice sink, my location for taking the recent pictures of our nearby ridge can be seen.  Today I was facing west.  The ridge is behind me to the east.

Sumac is often regarded as a trash tree.  Its soft fuzzy trunk does not inspire respect.  Death is common among relatively young trees.  Deer frequently use the trunks of sumac to rub the velvet from their horns.  Rub scars tend to be large and seem to last forever.  The red leaves seem rather majestic especially when compared with the overdone blueberry leaves.

The still green tree in the background is an oak.  There are many different varieties of oak trees here and we remain totally ignorant of their proper names.  Last week as I drove past Otselic, a distant hill came into view and it was peppered with purple leaved oak trees.  The contrast in colors was stunning but I was not moved to look for the proper name of this seasonally beautiful tree.

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Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Oh, that's pretty! Your autumn is much more colorful than ours this year. Thanks for sharing!