Friday, August 19, 2016


At this time of year weeds are taking over and it is easy to lose sight of the beauty that is still all around.  This is an altered form of Summersweet but it does have its charm.  Smaller than the white flowered native plant and later to bloom, it does shine.  We chose to move runner plants of this variety to the garden down by the road rather than the native form.  Color was felt necessary to catch the eyes of the people speeding by.  Now a huge Siberian Iris has all but hidden the Clethra from road view.

Ruby Spice remains a primarily white flowered plant with less prominent brown pollen.  Some feel that the brown detracts from the impression created by so many white flowers in the natural plant.  Here the ruby pink softens the impact of the pollen.  Since we have both there is no need to limit ourselves to just one.  Natural has its appeal but this modified version certainly stands out.

Marque Moon is new to us this year.  Colored ruffled edges, fragrance and a yellow throat certainly catch and hold the eye.  Most of our daylilies have finished flowering by now.  We will watch to see if this one remains a late bloomer after it settles in to its new home here.

Spring Fling is in its second year here.  Becky finds the smooth transition from yellow to peach elegant.  The modest pie crust petal edges only add to the classy presentation.  Biting insects drove me away before a scent check could be completed.

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