Thursday, June 2, 2016

Siberian Iris Bloom Order

Weather continues to raise havoc with both us and our plants.  The nearly complete lack of rain for May has hit the plants particularly hard.  I spend hours carrying water in sprinkling cans but only a few chosen plants receive this aid.  The onions, peas, lettuce and arbutus always receive some water.  The Siberian Iris have been left to survive without help.  These Shaker's Prayer not only are surviving but they were the first to flower here.

The complexity of the colors in these blossoms is awesome.  This one shows some smudging of the purple veins on the white background.  This may be a consequence of the dry ground since memory says that the color separation is usually complete.

Roaring Jelly is the first variety that we purchased.  Those tiny mail order plants are now huge.  Divisions produced enough new plants to provide us with several plantings of this variety.

Bright sunlight caused the camera to capture an image that distorts the actual color.  Perhaps we will try again under different light conditions.

If we try to complete the record of the order of bloom, the number of posts will be excessive.  We went more than a little nuts and ordered several different varieties for years.  Name tags are missing in some instances so we have to wait for flowers and try to identify named varieties. The flowers are all beautiful. A rose by any other name...


Indie said...

Beautiful Siberian Iris! I have several purple varieties were given to me from other gardeners' divisions, but sadly do not know their names. My 'Butter and Sugar' one that I bought is just now blooming, and it looks so heavenly in the garden!

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