Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spring For Almost A Day

Today was a day to remember.  It all started last night with frigid cold and the kind of very fine snow that falls when the temperature is below zero.  Through the night the snow changed to sleet which froze immediately since the ground was so cold.   Everything was covered with ice and then came the rain.  For a time there was an ice coating on everything, but it was thickest  where the snow had been compressed before  things warmed up.  The heavy rain melted the top surface of the ice.  The driveway was shiny with black ice for much of the day.  We decided that driving or walking on it would be stupid.  Although we have our moments, we did the smart thing and stayed inside.
In the late afternoon the rain stopped.  There were still some puddles here and there around the garden.  Under normal conditions the water would drain away quickly, but  the ice underneath slows that down.   I decided to chance a walk down to get the mail.  Most of the ice was gone. The ice remaining was extremely slick , but easy to avoid.  This large puddle remained in front of the perennial bed down by the road.  I might have lingered taking more pictures, but the rain started up again.  I had to double time it back up the hill to keep the camera and myself from getting drenched.

It was  spring  for a very short time.  By five the temperature began to drop and once again there was snow in the air. On this day the changes were too fast for me.  I hope when Spring returns again it stays longer!

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PlantPostings said...

Crazy! We've had a more gradual transition here in Wisconsin, although it's warmer than "normal" now. 52 for a high today and 50 tomorrow. Not much rain, but the snow is melting fast! Your description of the fast changes and the ice was very evocative. Stay safe and warm!