Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Buds And Bluebirds

This morning started with the welcome sight of male bluebirds checking out the houses that can be seen from my kitchen window.  What could be a better day brightener with your morning coffee than that?  A walk around the garden revealed buds on the winter aconite.  I thought they might open today, but the bright sunshine was replaced with grey clouds.  One thing spring ephemerals know is when to close up tight and when to open.  There is no point in having your tender parts hanging out when no pollinators are flying around.

Ed took his garden twine to the back garden and tied up the fences in the wilderness garden.  It may not keep the deer from stepping on his garlic, but at least they will have to make  the effort  of jumping the fence to do it.  It was obvious that he had a wonderful time just being outside doing something in the garden.  He came back to the house just in time for lunch.  Clouds are moving in. We will see what tomorrow brings.


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Wow we are still in winter with snow on the ground and now 3 inches of rain...flooded mess and cold...no spring and no birds yet!

PlantPostings said...

So pretty! I planted a "woodland mix" of spring-flowering bulbs last fall, which I think includes Winter Aconites. I hope so, because they're beautiful! Happy (almost) spring!