Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Love Those Lilies

As one ages perhaps a little good judgement is lost.  The daylily being sniffed did not even warrant a varietal name.  Included as a free gift in an order delivered many years ago, we find it special.  Its near white petals have a ruffled edge, the eye spot is bright green and the fragrance delicious.  Why else would a seventy year old man perch with his knees against hard stone just to get another whiff.     Fortunately, Becky was kind enough to snap the photo from the side.

Oriental lilies are presently putting on quite a show.  These Salmon Stars are planted downhill by the road.  That small difference in location has these in flower while the ones planted up near the house show only small tight buds.  We plan to try to cover these in place when late Spring frost threatens.  Ample space surrounds these plants so a plastic garbage can can cover them without smashing neighbors.  By not subjecting these bulbs to the stress of potting up, we hope that they will increase in number.  I almost failed to mention the sweet scent drifting from these flowers.  These are a treat for both the eyes and the nose.

These Golden Stargazers overwintered in a pot.  That places the three original bulbs in close proximity to each other.  Here again, they are now planted so that they can be covered in place next year.  A sight to see and a delight to smell, we hope that they also increase in number.

Scheherazade is the name given these lilies.  At first, the maroon color was under appreciated here.  A bright green throat edged in yellow is a powerful contrast to the dark petals.  Planted near the Golden Stargazers, we cannot be certain which is the source of the scent but tend to believe that Scheherazade is scented.  These endured attack in the sod house this Spring.  Two of three have flowers while the third has enough stem and leaf growth to build next season's bulb.  They were all gorgeous today!

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