Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Really Stinks

Each day in the garden starts with a walk around to check the status of things.  Our recently set out pepper and basil plants had entertained night time visitors.  These plants were not purchased at a nursery for a few dollars.  They were started from seed on site and no small amount of work had been directed toward these plants.  Transplanted from the seed tray, they had been moved out into the sunlight for a short time for several days.  Once acclimated to full sunlight, they were moved back into the basement when frost threatened.  Daily watering kept them growing at a respectable pace.  With the frost possible time past, we moved them into the garden.

Wire fence is placed with the intent of excluding wild critters.  From my vantage point six feet above the plants all appeared safe.  However down at baby skunk eye level, I had left an easy entrance into the plants and their nicely soft soil.  The skunks found digging for grubs easy work here.  Not being Italian skunks, they had no interest in eating basil leaves or pepper plants.  These plants were simply pushed aside.

Trusty flat stones were used to seal the gaps in the wire fence.  This bed borders the pasture and the trench is intended to slow down the invasion of the quack grass.  Normally the end wire would be at the same level as the sides.  Our modifications seemed to have worked as the intruders have not returned.

The middle basil plant in the end row had been totally uprooted and covered with soil.  Doubts about its recovery ran strong.  It has been reset and looks just like the other plants in the row that suffered no attack.  There is a lesson for all here.  This plant endured adversity of unimaginable intensity but with a little well timed help it carries on.

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