Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful Monday Morning, Photos By Amy

We needed our rubber garden shoes to walk in the garden this morning. We had no overnight rain but the dew was heavy.  How lovely this native wild blue flag is in the morning light with all the water droplets for decoration!

Little water droplets allow us to see the spider webs that have been spun overnight.  Once dry they will escape our notice even if they are still there.  I don't see the spider anywhere.  She must be off resting after working the night shift!


For a plant that will grow just about anywhere blue flag has fascinating flowers.

This Campanula portenschlagiana, Serbian bell flower magically appeared growing from Ed's stone wall.  We planted others in the wall, but on the opposite side of the garden from this one.  I'll take all the happy surprises I can get and this one looks great!

The texture of the Black locust trunk makes a wonderful background for this wild columbine.   There are a few red flowers left, but many more green seed pods are seen here.  This plant has settled in the shade garden and plans to stay and multiply.  We need to cut them back or they will become invasive in numbers.  Seed pods placed at the base of the wall will allow this native to grow in its preferred location in the company of stone outcrops.

This I. Ensata, Lavender Bounty is outstanding this year.  The total number of flowers has been impressive. Individually they are elegantly marked.  Notice how the strong morning sunlight washes the color right out of this flower.

Here's a second look.  There are several tiny black bugs here, but the larger one in the lower left is an interesting one.

Last but not least the happy faces of Johnny Jump Ups.  They are here to stay as well, coming up all over the garden.  The flowers deserve a smile even on Monday morning.  I can't think of a better way to begin a successful day!

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