Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Here You Could Smell The Earth Day

Today was one of those days when you could smell the spring rain.  I guess not everyone knows what I mean when I say that, but  if you do then you know exactly how delicious an aroma it is.  This picture of my pink trout lilies was taken yesterday.  The whole garden was just waiting for this nice gentle Spring rain.

What a difference in less than 24 hours.  Spring ephemerals really grow at an amazing rate.  Rain  worked like magic.  Grass that looked brown yesterday was bright green this morning. Early this morning I watched the tree swallows  swooping around the garden doing their best to break up a  ruffled grouse tryst that was going on in the bushes just beyond the garden.   I hope the happy couple found a more private spot to continue.

Behold my first two daffodil flowers.  I thought they were going to have short stems, but the rain is doing wonders.   With such color and scent, wet as they are, they are perfect for Earth Day!

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Ed said...

These special events disappear in an instant. While Becky was identifying the female grouse that was perched in a tree, I got to see the dance of the male. With his tail feathers spread in a full fan and his head feathers standing up straight, the grouse rapidly drummed the ground with his feet. His dance carried him in tight circles both clockwise and anticlockwise. Finally the female dropped down from the tree and both birds disappeared into the brush. As is often the case, it was all over in just a moment.