Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Snow Day

This morning the garden was covered with white.  I opened the window to take this picture.  It was way too cold to go out there and I kind of liked the picture with the snow undisturbed except for bunny tracks.  I did notice that the air smelled clean and fresh which is was a nice change from the constant stench  aroma of liquid manure that the neighboring farms are spreading before they plow their fields.

A little later in the day when I did venture out the winter aconites were peeking  out of the snow.


By afternoon the snow was gone. These Dutch iris that looks so beautiful yesterday look kind of mushy now.

This picture is not upside down.  The snow in summer really got flattened.  I hope they will perk up when the weather warms.

By the time the sun was low in the West most of the snow in the garden was gone.  This time of year I am so glad to see it go!!!

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