Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Fabulous Fragrant Hour Among The Plants

I just love the way the winter sun shines on my fuzzy peppermint geranium leaves.  What a pleasure to work on the scented geraniums.  It's a delightful experience to remove all of the damaged leaves leaving the plant looking good.  Any time you work around scented geraniums they reward you with their incredible scent.  I dropped  three kinds of rose, nutmeg, and peppermint geranium leaves in my trug.   I cut back a very dead looking Provence lavender and added it to the mix along with some lemon grass and a few weeds.  The nutmeg geranium was quite leggy so I moved it into the sun and moved the as good as dead lavender out of the light.  Once plants are dead their light requirements reduce dramatically!

It took quite awhile to remove all the damaged leaves from the four lemon verbena plants. The entire time I was surrounded with the fragrance of lemon lollypops.  I cleaned up the frass too and found the cocoon.  All that was added to my trug.  The downstairs plants look much better.  At least one intruder has been removed.

Heading back upstairs, I stopped on the landing to water the rosemary and the other plants there.  The rosemarys are still making buds.  I removed a few gone past flowers, but these plants will need my attention very soon.

So here is my trug containing fragrant leaves and the scents of rose, peppermint, nutmeg lemon and rosemary.  If it didn't also contain frass and that insect cocoon it could pass for potpourri.  In this case it is just incredibly fragrant compost.  It certainly made for some enjoyable gardening time in spite of very cold day.

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