Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowy Lane

Our snow covered lane looks like what Robert Frost must have seen just before he wrote that poem.  We will stay away from his words but this might just be an experience shared but in different times.  A curve takes the lane out of sight and that creates mystery.  Just what is it that lies around the bend?

It seems like only yesterday that building this wall filled my days with quiet time alone in the woods. Stones have been scattered nearby, ready for when weather permits more stacking.  This section of wall has reached its end so new work will start at the end and build back towards the center.  An end will create an opening that will allow me access into the woods with my truck.  For now, the wall is standing watch to see if the  right of way users can read the signs.

When this area is cleaned up it will become a beautiful spot to sit close to nature.  The broken white pine branch needs to be pulled clear of the gaping hole in the trunk.  We hope that the deep hole into the trunk heals somewhat so that we do not get to watch this tree die at the hands of another.

The dark cylinder above the center of the wall is a remnant from logging that was done by a previous owner years ago.  That cherry trunk end was destined to be firewood but it fell from the truck.  I rolled it to the edge but its owner never bothered to retrieve it.  More than a decade has passed, the land has changed hands several times, so I guess that I can safely claim a piece of aged cherry.

We plan to introduce trailing arbutus to the area between the wall and the tree.  If patience rules, we will place seed from our transplanted patch.  Otherwise, more transplants may find a home here. Winter is not officially here yet but we are already impatiently longing for Spring.


HolleyGarden said...

That's a lot of snow! But how beautiful the stone wall looks under a dusting of white - and the trees, too. Your last sentence says it all - even for those of us that don't have snow!

PlantPostings said...

It does remind me of the Robert Frost poem, and it's lovely. I know what you mean, though. This winter came early, and I'm already tired of it. ;-)