Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Arrivals

At this time of year it is more common to clean up the dried stalks of past flowers than it is to find new blossoms.   This Chicago Arnie's Choice was newly purchased this Spring.  It has had a good year and is rewarding us with a flower and a bud.  For the past several years this plant was considered for purchase but never made the final list.  It is here now and from the looks of things it intends to stay.

None of the daylilies in our collection are red.  That oversight has been corrected with this Roots and Rhizomes exclusive Flash Fire.  A different red and yellow plant was twice considered but its $50.00 price tag kept it off our order.  Flash Fire is bright and eye catching and we are pleased to have it.

Our onion plants are ordered new every year so technically they are new arrivals.  Red Marble is the varietal name of these cippolini onions and this year's weather favored them.  Our soil is contaminated with red root rot.  The recommended three year crop rotation has failed to eradicate this pest.  Our onions grow with only a few roots.  They store all Winter and taste great.  Perhaps the hardship of our contaminated soil produces a strong plant.  Next year I plan to sneak a few onion plants in among the flowers growing in the new bed down by the road.  We would like to see the size of these onions grown without the root rot.

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