Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thunder, Lightening and Lots Of Rain

For two days  starting in mid to late afternoon and into the night we have been treated to thunder lightening and rain, lots of rain.  Any plastic pails or buckets left outside had several inches of water in them.  Ed's driveway fared well, but still he got right out there to repair the spots that washed.  Once water has it's way with a gravel driveway it can cause a lot of trouble.  It's best to catch it as early as you can.

It's good he got this finished because we are getting more rain again tonight.  We needed rain of course and you have to take it like it comes!

It's really too wet to work in the garden, but the plants are responding quickly to the much needed moisture.  I swear these Robin's plaintain plants didn't have any flowers the last time I walked by them.  The weeds will be bigger too but that's just more compost and they will be easier to see.  I just can feel the plants out there in the rain growing as I write this.

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