Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not Just Another Snow Picture

Our garden continues to rest frozen under its new blanket of snow.  My desire to escape the cabin fever sent me to a nearby location that boasts of scenic splendor.  This former mill still harnesses the waters of Canascwacta Creek despite our two recent 150 year floods.  Mill operations have ceased here.  Now the building is used as a house of worship.

Despite its location directly adjacent to the road, I have only recently discovered this waterfall.  Apparently my past aggressive driving style kept my eyes riveted on the highway.  The combination of a natural waterfall over a stone ledge and the mill dam create a scene of unusual splendor.  A combination of color created by both snow and evergreen trees made today special.  That both the ledge and the dam still exist points to the craftsmanship evidenced by both the siteing and the construction of the dam.

If an opportunity presents itself, conversation with a mature native may yield information about the history of this mill.  For now we will simply enjoy the view as we drive by carefully observing the posted speed limit.


Indie said...

How pretty! That's exciting to find such a pretty falls close by. It's so scenic next to that former mill.

Jim/ said...

Okay. I've had enough. You gotta' stop showing these snow pictures! It's making me colder than I already am! Remember about a year ago when it was 80º during this week? That was nice. Messed up the plants for the entire summer, but it was nice.