Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Signs of Spring

In some respects February is for me the longest month of the year.  Sunlight is gaining strength daily as the sun climbs higher in the sky but the air can still be frigid.  Yesterday was exactly that kind of day.  Bright daylight pulled me outside but my hands soon ached from the cold arctic air.  Still, I filled the bed of the pickup with brush cut along the lane.  One load was enough and indoor warmth drew me back inside.

Others are itching to get started with a new season's work.  Skunks on the highway are becoming a common sight.  No picture is posted here since some good judgement occasionally takes control.  Late winter roadkill is somewhat sad.  It seems grossly unfair that an animal that survived the rigors of winter should not see spring.

All three pots of Easter Lily bulbs are now showing growth.  About eighteen days pass between pulling the pots from the ground and first signs of green.  The number of bulbs planted exceeds the number of plants now growing.  Only the best looking bulbs were placed in the pots so what happened to the rest remains a puzzle.  Since no notes were made on planting day, the number of duds is unknown.  All that we can say for certain is that Easter Lily bulbs here grow to the side of the pot before turning upward. I know that the largest bulbs were placed in the center of the pot.

One of our fall plant orders included five free tulip bulbs.  Fire blight ended our interest in growing tulips in the garden but something had to be done with the free bulbs.  This pot was pulled from the ground February first with the last pot of lilies.  Tulips are quick to wake up and grow.  At this time of year, new green plant growth fills a big empty for this gardener.  Once again snow fills the air but the time to work outside among newly emerging plants will soon be here.  Until then the tulips and the lilies will fill a void.

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PlantPostings said...

I agree--February is the longest month here in the north. The winter just drags on and on. It is nice to see the day lasting into the dinner hour, though. Enjoy your Easter Lilies and Tulips!